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Discover how to preserve your horse’s independence in a ‘human’s world’ by becoming more passive receptive and accepting giving your horse the physical and emotional ‘space’ to take an unbelievably active role in your interactions – both work and play. With your support your horse will develop games and exercises that naturally balance and collect his body as if by magic. In addition he will enthusiastically work with and carry you – inviting you along for the ride of your life. Whether human or horse feelings posture and movement are inextricably linked. With the ability to ‘tap into’ this language – as explained in the pages of this book – you can leave behind the demands commands and cues you once relied on and instead discover an unbelievable realm of sophisticated and mutually beneficial symbiosis. ‘This is the book that every horse would give his rider.’

Author Notes: As a child Imke Spilker was fascinated with horses, but the human-horse relationship always seemed to her to be too one-sided. It saddened her that happiness was not mutual – that the rider’s good feelings usually came at the expense of the horse. ‘Is there anything we can give horses in return for what they have given us?’ This is the question that subsequently guided her life. Fifteen years ago, she founded the Communicative Horses Project, which allowed horses to have their say. The surprising findings form the basis of this book.

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