These Academic Cavessons are the same as the usual ones from Markus Holst but are seconds due to supply problems at his end.  These problems are cosmetic rather than functional as the cavessons works just as well as the “normal” cavessons.

  1. The throat lash has been sewn on instead of the normal “floating” style.
  2. There may be extra holes required in head piece and noseband.
  3. The quality of the metal work is not up to normal standards and some pitting and rusting is obvious (as shown in the pictures below).  This is easily solved with a little bit of wire wool and nail varnish ;-).
  4. The brown version only has a brown noseband and the rest of the leather appears to be black.

Because of these “faults” we are clearing them at half the normal price.

We only have them available in Full Size.


We will not accept returns on these clearance versions. 


This Cavesson is in the French/Academic style with a chain link nosepiece covered in soft leather.  The 3 rings placed on the noseband allow for lungeing, In-hand work or riding with reins attached.   Used extensively by students of Bent Branderup, and followers of the Academic Art.

Made by Markus Holst of Sweden.

The cavesson should be able to be lifted 1-2 cm from the bridge of the nose. It should not be too tight.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.