Orscana from Arioneo – an exciting new Product.

Here at Top2Tail we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of an exciting new product from France.  The Orscana horse scanner from Arioneo is a really nifty little gadget that fits into a pouch sewn into the underside of your horse’s rug.

It analyses movement, temperature and sweat then links to an App via bluetooth on your phone.

“What is the point of that?”  you may ask.  Well,


Orscana Analyses your horse’s activity day and night (time spent lying down, abnormal high activity…).  How cool will it be to see a record your horse’s activity?  Did he have a good night?  Is he well rested prior to a  competition or big schooling session?   Now you can tailor your sessions to take advantage of days when he has had a good night’s rest.  Immediately notice when activity is abnormal so you can make any necessary changes to his comfort.

Temperature and Humidity

Orscana monitors temperature underneath the rug in stable, paddock or transport, and warns if the horse is out of its comfort zone.  No more over rugging, no more guessing whether your horse is warm enough or too warm.  It’s all recorded in a handy little App.

It can even link up to your local weather forecast so you can make more informed choices about rug type.

I can imagine the Orscana sensor and App being pretty addictive.  I know from wearing a movement sensor on my own wrist just how interesting it is to see my daily activity and what my sleep pattern really looks like.  Very soon I will also be able to see what my horses are up to when I am not watching them and see trends over a 30 day period.

Our shipment is currently in transit from France but should be on our doorstep within the next week.  As soon as they arrive they will be available for shipping.  Retail price will be $179 per pack.  Watch this space for further news.

In the meantime take a look at this video: